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It’s Opposite Day!

Updated: Jan 13, 2023

Did you ever play that in Elementary School? Basically people felt the freedom to insult one another as long as they followed it up with the caveat, “It’s Opposite Day!” Then you couldn’t get in trouble. So silly right?

Well we had Opposite Week at school but rest assured no one was insulted. 😁 If you have a bit of creativity, there is no shortage of activities to help teach this concept. There are also many, many books written for our preschool audience with the opposite theme. A few of my favorites are: Dinosaur Roar by Henrietta Stickland, and Eric Carle's book of opposites.

We had Sink or Float in our science area. Don't overthink it! All you need is a small amount of water in your sensory table. I put a plastic tablecloth underneath to make clean up easier. On an adjacent table I have a variety of objects. I'm available during center time to ask, "Do you think that will sink or float?" Then of course I use more open ended questions to start up the conversation. When we start open up conversation as to why or why not things are sinking we get those brains working! #sinkorfloat

At the art area we had two activities; watercolor painting on white and black paper to notice the difference between these opposites, and drawing with wet and dry chalk. Both activities were a hit! Can you think of any others? I'd love to add more to my repertoire! #wetchalkdrychalk #paintonblackandwhitepaper

At outside time I put soap in the water table and we washed our outdoor toys. The opposites? Clean and dirty of course! #watertableplay

At music time freeze dance is an obvious one. Just have them dance and freeze! Easy opposite! I also pulled out my xylophone and we talked about playing the instrument hard and soft, loud and quiet sounds, fast and slow music, up and down the music scale, high and low notes, and long and short bells. Side note: learning to wait for a turn is a HUGE skill at this age! #xylophone

For sensory play at the end of the day I thought it would be very fun to make lemonade! Sour lemons mixed with sweet sugar make a tasty drink. I had the kiddos taste each ingredients separately and got some adorable pictures. We had to taste our special drinks in fancy glasses. #homemadelemonade

Another sensory activity we tried out was dough play. Not fancy homemade play dough, just plain flour dough. All you need for this is flour and water. I asked the kids to describe the flour with as many words before adding the water. They came up with, "dry, soft, white, puffy, smooth." Then we added water and I let them get in ther and get messy! The words that followed were, "sticky, gooey, nasty, doughy, wet." #doughplay

Heads up clean up for this is a beast! Get in there quickly before it turns to paste! 😳

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