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Welcome To My Playground

Hear It From Me

I have often repeated the phrase, "I love playing so much, I made a job out of it!"  I just celebrated my forty-something birthday and I flat out refuse to act my age! I have worked with children for over 25 years in almost every capacity imaginable; from child care assistant, to Lead Teacher in a classroom, to Executive Director of a non profit organization for children with severe trauma, special needs or other differing abilities. I have been a foster mother of almost 50 children on 2 continents, I have worked as an Advocate, Researcher, Trainer and Speaker providing Trainings on the latest research in Early Childhood Development to Family, Friend, Neighbor Caregivers in English and Spanish on the National level. 
I currently have the best job yet! I have created a preschool in my very own home and backyard! 
From my years of hands-on experience and my love of learning I have so much I want to share with you! Whether you are a brand new mom, a seasoned grandmother, a preschool teacher, or maybe an FFN provider, I may have some tips and tricks that work for me and could work for you! 
Come join me on my playground!

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