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Five Senses (Part 1) Taste

Updated: Jan 13, 2023

Teaching children about their primary 5 senses has always been a favorite theme for me. I absolutely adore witnessing the connections happen when they see how their bodies work. Many times up until the preschool classroom experience they don't know understand the why of what is happening. They just know it's happening. When as a guide or a teacher or a parent we come in and explain it, and get to see the proverbial light come on, it's such a rewarding joy!

I was gifted this set of books and they are simply fabulous! They are board books but don't let that trick you into thinking they are for babies! They are chock full of scientific information that explains the 5 senses to children (and to adults) in a wonderful way!

For taste a fun activity is taste tests! If you have older children or cooperative children a blindfold can be used to make sure their is no peeking. In my case, I just asked them to close their eyes and hoped for the best.

NOTE: I have one super duper choosy child who has a very hard time trying new foods at snack time. Do NOT force anyone to play. We are trying to make this fun for the kiddos not torture for anyone with sensory issues or other issues. Also please be very aware of your allergy list and religious restrictions.

Other than those notes, you can use absolutely anything! I tried to use a variety to enhance the tasting experience. Try to include something sweet, sour, bitter, and salty.

Our other activities included making cereal necklaces at the art center, dried cereal in the scale at the math center. Omaking musical instruments out of things we normally taste (when cooked) like dried rice and beans and lentils, and a fun 5 senses matching game.

One of my favorite unprompted moments was during snack time. We had just made homemade smoothies and one child said, "Ms. Stacey said if we plug our nose, we can't taste our food. Let's try it!" She was amazed!

So have fun and taste away!

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