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The Magic of Puppets 🎤 🎶

Updated: Oct 20, 2022

SING..... Sing a Song..... Sing out Loud! Sing Out StroOOOOONG!!!!!!

You have probably heard this song before. I didn't even grow up in the U.S. and I'm very familiar with it. It's an old #SesameStreet classic.

This beautiful book with CD included, I was gifted by #MakeWayForBooks helps it come to life and was our book choice of the week. And while my AdOrAbLe students are always reason enough for me to post videos and write a blog I wanted to point out a few things about this puppet interaction at Circle Time.

I am a founding member of the Transform Challenging Behavior Teacher's Club and our Coach Barb O'Neill has taught us loads about the use of puppets in our learning environments. Some teachers feel uncomfortable using funny voices with puppets. As you can see that is definitely not an issue with me. I'm a giant goof-ball and I have no qualms about the entire world finding that out! But if voices aren't your thing you can always have the puppet whisper things into your ear and then you can speak in your "normal" voice back to the children delivering the puppet's message. Another trick (and something that can be seen when I am using Lupita my Spanish-speaking puppet) is to just use your normal voice. So yeah.... no trick at all is what I'm saying! Don't try to be a ventriloquist! NO one and I mean not a soul is looking at you or your mouth when there is a puppet present. Puppets are magical and when one appears on the scene all eyes are on them. Whether it be a monster like Pooky or a child like Lupita, or an animal or any other creature imaginable or unimaginable, puppets are drawing all the attention. So don't worry what your voice or expression or mouth is doing. No one is paying attention to you. Case in point these two videos.

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And as always, thanks for stopping by!

Keep playing!

-Teacher Stacey

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