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Jewish-American Heritage Month

In my ever-growing city in Arizona, my husband and I noticed a large population of Orthodox Jews moving in a few years ago. I have always felt it is important for a classroom to literally be a reflection of the world outside of its walls.

The dolls, the musical instruments, the posters on the walls, the books we read, all the materials we have available for the children should reflect the real world.

I took a risk and asked if a member of the Hasidic community would be willing to come to my classroom and share some of their culture. Little did I know I would hit the jackpot and find a voice-over actor who is incredibly animated, enthusiastic, and wonderfully entertaining! I have now had him return 3 years in a row. He has come around Pesach [Passover) and even brought Matzah crackers for the children to try. This year we had him come during Jewish American Heritage Month which is celebrated in May in the U.S.

Below is a compilation of the three visits that he created. Enjoy!

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