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A Story By Any Other Name....

Updated: Mar 6, 2022

A great way to keep children engaged in a story is to read different versions of a story. And what is wonderful about classic stories or fairytales is that there are loads of different versions where the characters have been switched around or changed out for different animals or even told through the point of view of a different protagonist. My favorite retelling of classic stories however are when I find one depicted in another culture. Through my research I found some that were actually original stories from other countries! I find it fascinating to see that several countries and cultures have ancient stories that end up being similar.

Here are just a few of the ones I came across in my two-month focus on fairytales this year. Seriously, this is a snippet of what’s out there!

My biggest piece of advice whether you are a parent or teacher is to pre-read! Some of the classic children stories are downright horrifying! Make sure they are age appropriate, fun, and overall a story you think your child(ren) will enjoy.

Happy Reading!

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